Recorded Talks

Date Title min:sec
16. Sep 2015 KSL003 Markdown for (Bio)Scientists
Write in Word, Save in Markdown, Publish in LaTeX.
17. Apr 2015 KSL002 Digital Lab Journalling with Git
16. Apr 2015 KSL001 Micro-structure of bacteria-induced Achnanthidium minutissimum capsules
A project presentation within my PhD studies "Interactions of bacteria and diatoms in phototrophic biofilms". Alternative presentation format: Published article:
30. Jan 2015 KSL000 Knowledge Communication? Back to the Ears!
An Introduction to Podcasting for Scientists
25. Jun 2014 KNS023 special – How neural networks process sensory data (Giovanni Galizia)
Recording of a departmental seminar lecture on the neurobiology of fruit flies and honey bees with regards to odor sensing.