KSL003 Markdown for (Bio)Scientists

Write in Word, Save in Markdown, Publish in LaTeX. #

Markdown is an easy-to-learn text formatting syntax that is mostly used for writing and publishing web content. It has become useful for scientists as well and this presentation gives an an overview of use-cases and tools which enable the writing of lab notes, academic manuscripts and even theses in Markdown. Held by Katrin Leinweber at the KoRS-CB retreat 2015.

Questions & answers #

  • Beauty of rendered Markdown documents? Depends on the implementation and/or CSS renderer you chose! Most Markdown editors include a few basic ones that use modern web typography. With Scientific Markdown you get the full beauty of LaTeX typesetting.
  • Learning LaTeX still useful? LaTeX itself is useful, but the learning curve is steeper than Markdown.
  • Usefulness for manuscript submissions? Apparently no dedicated Markdown support yet, except for Authorea. But so many fields are jumping on the Markdown train, that publishers will hopefully accept it soon.

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